Arundhuti Naskar : KCDass Fashions is the best place for shopping for any festival, because you will get all types of clothes of varied ranges to make better decesion about your fashion.

Tanima Biswas: I am a regular customer of kcdass fashion mall as I know here I can get best things of my choice in affordable range, here I can get everything from saree to western dressess for everyone of my family, my husband and child and all.

Tapas Chakraborty: KC Dass fashion amar mone hoi best place for shopping, ekhane apni nijer pochondo moto dress within reasonable range pete paren under one roof jeta hoito apni onno kothao aki roof er niche paben na ar ato collections onno jaigai pawa mushkil tai amar suggestion KC Dass fashion a visit korle apni definitely apnar choice moto kapor paben at best price.

Subhajit Karmakar : Ei pujote Kcdass fashion a chole jaan :-)

Tumpa Haldar: Ato bhalo qualityr  fashionable dressess, amio to kcdass er regular customer Tanima

Partha Mukherjee : I must give my feedback as I have decided to fix this mini shopping mall as my favourite destination for shopping for my whole family for their wide range of clothes of different range and all types of  brands